Wednesday, November 19, 2014

accept yourself.

during the end of my stay in los angeles last winter, i was spending a good deal of time at the hollywood public library; setting up a rogue tour(the best shows were the ones i stumbled across and didnt plan), and reading /studying various music books-especially the mystic side thru some indian music books and also i was pretty dedicated the learning music theory in a western for dummies book. the main part that caught my attention was the sections on melody, as this was a part of my music but i never really focused/understood it. around this time i also go exposed to some shoegaze music-and was somewhat entranced. the idea was born in my brain and soul to pick back up an electric and start a band when i got back to new york. (sunny war told me "so, your pretty much tryin to start a hipster band")
this seed didnt really begin to germinate untill a short while later, i was stranded in the desert after my van broke down/got stuck after fixing it with the help of some people i was hitchhiking with, and i was at a point in life of extremely deep lows and extreme highs...standing on the side of highways in the middle of the desert with nothing for the entire day with out a single person stopping to pick you up..then getting the most beautiful ride in the back of some hermanos pickup truck...
this is getting long winded... but around this time i'd gotten help from some mexican cowboys who pulled me out of the ditch and gave me some rugged and artistic work to keep me goin. after long days of work i started sitting out in the desert with a guitar and dog coming up with riffs. with the band idea bubbling- i got the idea from an osho book to call the band accept yourself based on his idea that we have been taught to condemn ourselves n we've been told we're not good enough and we need to be like someone else be it jesus or some actress. and around this time i came up with the first melody of a song...
it was a long road full of walking and hitchhiking back to new york and i linked up with an awesome kid named pedro who played the drums. we worked out some songs when i wasnt dealing with a wrist injury that sidelined me after consectutivley playing an acoustic resonator guitar for 8 hours a day on the streets with a team of breakdancers at the rochester jazz fest. we played some shows but ultimatley we had to go other directions as he was pursuing school and im in no turning back even if i wanted to musician territory.
this led me to hitch hike out to detroit, and things quickly formulated and accept yourself is a functioning three piece family with charli-mange on drums and jerrard holdin down the bass...we play out a ton and post all the shows to facebook...come holla and dance

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