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road life to d rock prodo

Friday, December 9, 2011


dogs dont go to heaven
they were already there content in life as we create concepts of heaven
chewing grass and looking for food
we cut them off from reproductive organs
and they forget about it
life goes on
maybe even after the mysterious lake of death
that all shall plummet into
dogs are good friends
compassionate even with their single track mind of survival
perhaps theres somethin more to it
as of course they are connected to the mystery
perhaps more so than us as we dribble into abstract conceptualizations of future days
they were in heaven all along

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

here we go anew

in detroit
feeling the poetry of it all
and access to dope computers with photoshop
earthgazing book in my vision

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

meditative avant garde incense folk

Sunday, November 13, 2011

sitting somewhere in america and drawing a picture

aka bhagwanshree rajneesh
got this book and a robert johnson photograph which i went on to send to bobby in portland in eugene or
i talked the guy down on price..easy negotiatin with ny attitude anywhere else
5 bucks
drew this picture in southern oregon at long lost relatives house during extended stay while busking at farmers markets,fixing the dream boat at silver bullet auto, eating wild blackberries, chasing charlie the cat, eating daves killer bread(best bread ever), going to tractor races, amongst other things
the house i was staying at had a nice table
fred made a comment about it coming from the rajneeshes
i said woh woh wohh
and i had been dining and playing some dice game on a table that came from oshos commune in oregon that was auctioned off after osho was extidited
i'd been working on this drawing unknowingly

raekwon the chef lookin fly
a friend in stlouis has a dog named raekwon
i think its the best dog name
the dog was really cool too
i was tempted/threatened to steal it from her
prolly for the best i didnt

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Friday, July 29, 2011

a young young bol

school photo?kmart portrait?
graffiti on the typewriter?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wugazi - Sweet Release [HD]

wu tang and fugazi uhhhh huuuuuh

Monday, July 25, 2011


have you seen him?
give him a hug

blending the wild

howling at the sky
the halo effect of the sun
creates angels out of the dirty scoundrel
free time and an ego that is shifting towards some artistic pursuit
the life is in the now
dreaming about what you are seeing

delta rail car

a lifestyle like none other

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BILL BROWN hip hop

dudes dope
had some myspace glory
give my props
influenced a young me to spit it real

organic groceries on food stamps

buildin with the roc god mc bushido garvey
lucky to be blessed to link with folk like this

Monday, July 18, 2011

from the good people of barley free partial prisioners

st. louis lo-fi
keep your ears open for jake
rake through the recoding for the gems he's droppin

Monday, July 4, 2011

classified ad for plant sitter (TOUR!)

sage,witch hazel, kale, southern ginseng/creeping charlie need a friend to hang out with, water them, and sing while the spaceship is orbiting....
do it for nature

Sunday, June 19, 2011

bodega, young

dont need any validation young man
especially from a city built on manmade hardness
cigarrettes and a james dean impersonator singing elvis at retirement facilities
the palm tree grew out of and will return to a plastic landfill
and all you hope is that bodega will have cliff bars/bananas/ebt
you could drive a truck thru manhatten
but you have a habit of greyhounds
not needing therapy
just some awareness
falling into the same well
that you threw all your pennies into
on the phone calling something that no longer exists
hey kid
smile a little bit
you werent baptized
but they hold you under the water
shower and get a job
or be that guy on the corner
looking at the street urchins
crusty talking to themselves
and i thought i was different cuz the words i was saying were rhyming

hitchhikers guide to yourself

at the crossroads of what you expected and whats really happening
open fields and 18 wheel trucks
good luck from the sun
a cold ass night and dangerous situations
made it worth living
you could tell more than a couple wild stories
but talking about yourself is played out
theres alot of waves in the ocean
and dont forget all the lakes
im the bacteria in the creek
the air is a person your about to meet
meek meanderings thru a city
with greyhound terminal homes
and a castle surrounded by crockidiles
quack a dilly ohma
its no longer an omen
cuz its happening now

Monday, June 13, 2011

burning photographs (considering it)

hi cooh

between reality and the past
shifting the paradigm and a muddy vacation
penciling in a new approach
that will have to be washed away with the low ball tide
tryin to get a good deal on somethin
you dont need
but we'll pile it up
and get some storage space
40 dollars a month
if we go broke we'll live in it

sweaty dance party

Friday, May 6, 2011

kinda cool(very)
what does it mean when people put (sic) into a sentence i dont get it let me know

Sunday, May 1, 2011

denver, i always miss you

the memory i hold on to is a colorado sunset
homeless shelters and a few to many questions can be swept under the rug
im not jesus
and i never even knew what i was doing at church
but theres a new born baby
in church
that doesnt distinguish anything from anything
its one

rain on a sunny day

seattle is like a bed wrapped in barbed wire
and its a long greyhound ride to new york
bringing cliff bars home to your pocket by means of freeing them from business slavery keeps it exciting
theres always guys who want to have sex with me in a park when im homeless at night
females like you better when you've got your shit together

spokompton wa

bags are heavier when you aint got nowhere to go
2 twenty dollar bills and you got a temporary home
wrote a love song in a skeezy motel
the grass is always greener on the other side of the concrete

the crew is thick when its all one

detroit sessions

this is an album that was made in beautiful detroit during the coldest winter of my life
ups and downs and reality are the veins that get pumped life from the heart

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

dear daria

bridge to terabithia
he invented the fucking phonograph player okay?
shes on the cover of magazines and she lives in the basement-has to avoid vicious urban possums when doing the laundry
back cover of my fathers party favor at jesus' birthday extrazaganza
zen and the art of appreciating real people

detroit sessions

a cd of folk and rap songs
recorded and written while in detroit
fairly lo fi
handmade recycled canvas cases all with original artwork
if you want one:

photos and poems detroit edition (book/zine)

put together some books of poems and photos
theres only 5 in existence
one of em is gettin sent to my mom(brought me into this world-much respect)
so quantities are limited
let me kno if you want one
sooner the better
cuz they prolly wont be in my hands for long

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

(ryan adams) beauty

spendin money like the way it likes to rain

Monday, February 28, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

intrinsic tree

get a job tree
do something useful
that thing you release that keeps us alive is a thing of the past
were in a fucking recession
grab a hammer or some shit and look busy
mother earth is your girlfriend
and your moochin' off her hardcore

she likes what you're doing
because beauty isnt always a doing
being what you are meant to be
in the snow globe of great importance
i'll be a tree hugger
thank you osho

smoke break artist

on full time smoke break
with occasional run ins with a job
and the smoke break is metaphorical
it is in the air we breath
the love of the deep universe coming in
are you giving it back?
my complaints and attempts to monetize
please get out of your head
and come back to reality
its is really nice there
saw an ad for it in a travel magazine
gunna save up all my money from my smoke break job
and take the kids there
and get um one of those hats with the mickey mouse ears

Monday, February 21, 2011

new artists added!

excited to announce that sumarah yaa will now be joining us on this magical evening
this spiritual heady goddess will be blessing all those in attendance with spiritual hymns
a former eastman school of music student and detroit native- the 313-585 connection is in full effect
see you there!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

bricks in the pyramid

stealing what doesnt belong to anybody
and giving yourself a pat on the back
singing a song about a dead horse
and all the glory
cuz the pony could ride
the brick wall
with a temporary tattoo
stolen from michaels paint section
its all been a great blessing
bouts with depression
mike tyson went vegan

the natives guide to detroit

will be ill
work in progress
peck park publishing



Friday, February 18, 2011

detroit city limits

god was hanging off the bridge with a can of paint in her hands
confused but in the moment
the full moon brings blood
that we shall cherish
the phone that rings and is unanswered
and the mail that has been lost
is a highway overpass
a blank canvas
in the form of a billboard
that has been covered in bucket paint
getting over on a system
that is so out of place in this natural world
right now theres someone in a cage
for a crime they didnt do
and a cat getting neutered
cuz we like it when shes cute
a zoo full of stuffed animals
and a sun beaming rays of truth

beaubien street

if your dreams came true
would you be there to appreciate it
or will you have shifted on to the next desire
clouds forming in our mind
sunshine and windy days
apparently this is perfect
given that it is seen for what it is
trees dance with the sky
given enough space
but definitely connected
as are the stars
and all the other marvels
that i've yet to see
but are contained
in the unexplained
as philosophies think
let me be

ohh yeeea

"i will love my life/the alternative is deathlike"

really enjoy listening to this song by paleo
(worth copying and pasting into search bar)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

detroit sessions.

the unanticipated low-fi indie folk/soul rap project "detroit sessions" shyly presented by wild card music/detroit taboo records is now available.
complete with eco friendly handmade canvas cases
and the feel of detroit
suggested donation $10
to get copy email
and carefully follow directions and act in a timely manner
because life moves and changes/doesnt have addresses often

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

expose us

protect us from our insecurities
that come in the form of possessions
that we clutch
but the front porch is unlocked 95% of of the time
because we dont believe
that the keys of any need will come in physical form
more likely to be subtle and containing the spirit
many objects pass thru the hands in a life span
and it is limited in fact
or maybe forever
everything you can hold will turn to dust
a soul thats free
more than enough

Monday, February 14, 2011

trust it homie/homegirl

trust it (bohemian spaceship project) by emoore585

full contact tetris

playing tetris with things you found in the trash
trying to make it fit together for the sake of recycling
blaming it on everyone but yourself
time to take full and total responsibility
have been wandering
following arrows and shooting stars
staring at the sky with a sore back
tell me it'll be alright
cuz sometimes i forget
and i'll vice versa
but its not a trade
your basketball cards are now worthless
amidst the rain
and they got sprayed with raid
the roaches still dont give a fuck about politics

free illegitimate advertising

the motives in front of our actions
the trees before the sky
and our uncountable buildings
what do we want with all the attention
without receding into a cave
being yourself doesn't need applause
everyone has something to say
except everything natural
unable to formulate
being in tune with the orchestra
you get less attention
than a mad man walking down woodward ave.
yelling that he's had enough
police sirens
everyones just doing their job
what are you working for?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

garbage in the recycling bin

being watched by everyone but your self and god
one in the same
the rules are that the rules are the rules
get it got it good
the uncertainty is certainly unworthy
the remedy can be purchased
if everything was positive
there wouldn't be a south pole
and this world would collapse into itself
install the viewing mirrors and surveillance cameras
we have reason to believe that the riff raff
may pollute our promising young citizens of tomorrow
today they are looking to understand it

Sunday, February 6, 2011


this is a exerpt from the book "boyhood with gurdjieff" in which the author (fritz peters) recounts his experience as a child in the '20s growing up at the mystic Gurdjieff's "institute for the harmonious development of man"

He went on, then, to say that life was a "two-edged sword.
In your country, you think life is only for pleasure. You have
saying in your country: 'pursuit of happiness', and this saying
show that people not understand life. Happiness is nothing,
is only other side of unhappiness. But in your country, in most
of world now, people only want happiness. Other things also
important: suffering important because is also part of life,
necessary part. Without suffering man cannot grow, but when
you suffer, you think only of self, you feel sorry for self, wish
not to suffer because this make you feel not comfortable, make
you wish escape from thing that make you feel bad. When man
suffer, he feel only self-pity. Not so if real man. Real man also
sometimes feel happiness, real happiness; but when he also
feel real suffering, he not try to stop this thing in self. He
accept this because he know is proper to man. Must suffer to
know truth about self; must learn suffer with will. When
suffering come to man must make intentional suffering, must
feel with all being; must wish with such suffering that it will
help make conscious; help to understand."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

limited edition tapes...

limited edition tapes for the bohemian spaceship project coming very soon.... to reserve/acquire your copy


whats your life about
who are you?
they told me go hard
detroit sessions
new folk
1 love
Harmony by emoore585

stop the clock

Stop the clock by emoore585
from the upcoming "detroit sessions..."
beat by d rock
vocals thru the built in computer mic
lo fi
real life

Monday, January 31, 2011

detroit taboo folk(or so its assumed)

Santa fe & 11th by emoore585

"when i was sleepin on the train..."

can relate to my fellow vagabond..hes doin it right now

young rebels

carry on young rebel
may your moments be full of adventure
through the scope of your subculture submarine
because that trash can
electrical box
abandoned business
thriving business
doesnt need to be pristine
put a scar on the face of humanity
it'll give him some character
let the moment devour you
as your brain races in fear of the powers that be
let go
leave somethin beautiful
even if your ego fueled it
but let it be pregnant
with unique expression

Sunday, January 30, 2011

half asleep

tell me how it feels to be freezing cold, trying to sleep
wrapped in an american flag
this is not a flat
its just run down
maybe someday they'll convince an art student its a loft
right now its sad
john r
where are you
you've long been painted over
are you outside the liquor store
are you the guy i brush off when he asks me for a quarter because i've got my hands wrapped so tight around a dream
half asleep

modern relics

our abandoned pyramids
built of dreams broken upon reality
failed business ventures
lost love and a sun ray
offering hope
of course casting a shadow
as we navigate the strip mall highway
with friends and dirty hands
and plans to build more pyramids

Friday, January 28, 2011

the archaelogist is beautiful

honored and blessed to be able to call this man a friend

the bohemian spaceship project

NOW IS NOW(the bohemian spaceship project)arch & E by emoore585
archaeologist and e moore
made on a spaceship parked in the 585
collector/scumbag edition tape coming soon