Wednesday, March 2, 2011

dear daria

bridge to terabithia
he invented the fucking phonograph player okay?
shes on the cover of magazines and she lives in the basement-has to avoid vicious urban possums when doing the laundry
back cover of my fathers party favor at jesus' birthday extrazaganza
zen and the art of appreciating real people

detroit sessions

a cd of folk and rap songs
recorded and written while in detroit
fairly lo fi
handmade recycled canvas cases all with original artwork
if you want one:

photos and poems detroit edition (book/zine)

put together some books of poems and photos
theres only 5 in existence
one of em is gettin sent to my mom(brought me into this world-much respect)
so quantities are limited
let me kno if you want one
sooner the better
cuz they prolly wont be in my hands for long

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

(ryan adams) beauty

spendin money like the way it likes to rain