Monday, January 31, 2011

detroit taboo folk(or so its assumed)

Santa fe & 11th by emoore585

"when i was sleepin on the train..."

can relate to my fellow vagabond..hes doin it right now

young rebels

carry on young rebel
may your moments be full of adventure
through the scope of your subculture submarine
because that trash can
electrical box
abandoned business
thriving business
doesnt need to be pristine
put a scar on the face of humanity
it'll give him some character
let the moment devour you
as your brain races in fear of the powers that be
let go
leave somethin beautiful
even if your ego fueled it
but let it be pregnant
with unique expression

Sunday, January 30, 2011

half asleep

tell me how it feels to be freezing cold, trying to sleep
wrapped in an american flag
this is not a flat
its just run down
maybe someday they'll convince an art student its a loft
right now its sad
john r
where are you
you've long been painted over
are you outside the liquor store
are you the guy i brush off when he asks me for a quarter because i've got my hands wrapped so tight around a dream
half asleep

modern relics

our abandoned pyramids
built of dreams broken upon reality
failed business ventures
lost love and a sun ray
offering hope
of course casting a shadow
as we navigate the strip mall highway
with friends and dirty hands
and plans to build more pyramids

Friday, January 28, 2011

the archaelogist is beautiful

honored and blessed to be able to call this man a friend

the bohemian spaceship project

NOW IS NOW(the bohemian spaceship project)arch & E by emoore585
archaeologist and e moore
made on a spaceship parked in the 585
collector/scumbag edition tape coming soon