Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


yesterday there was 4 separate solo hitchhikers at the place to catch a ride, we played oogle survivor, bonds were formed / broken / there was hate/ there was love; there was aggressive breed dogs . and then everyone ended up in the same town like 5 miles away,again, and got the band back together to bask in our synchronicity and then we found a fucking 5th person hitchhiking who came and camped out with us and i almost punched when he got on his holier than thou im on acid trip shit n told me i was putting of bad vibes when i told the girl from buffalo my uncle worked at the casino on niagra falls but instead i hit him with a low blow and kept it G(fingerpicked my ass off and talked shit/facts). last i heard was "hes a good dude but you gotta understand hes from the east coast" from the cute lil kid i hitched with that was 18 and had 7 fingers on one hand that i think could revolutionize guitar playing, as i went to sleep. everyone scattered off in the am in stange patterns and savannah and me went and found some pretty mystic redwood trails(in a park i wanna go back to)  and then got picked up damn near instantly when i threw my thumb out, and they smoked meth all the way to within 8 miles of my great aunts doorstep.

modern science aparatus proves...

this study was not funded by monsanto
but we have conclusive evidence that im never wrong.
lobbyists are on their way to washington dc to filibuster for my tax exemption .

Saturday, June 16, 2018


ive had 2 good nights of sleep in the last 2 months. one was when the girl i was having nightmares about came to see me and the other was beneath a redwood tree(like 12 hours good). back to the redwoods...

Saturday, June 9, 2018


when youre hitchhiking and youre done living in your mind and the person asks where youre going and you tell them your just going with the flow then they are kinda unsure what to do so they drive you like 15 miles off the beaten path to some desolate gorgeous swim spot n youre kinda freakin out because theres no traffic or shoulder on the road-but youre like- "this is okay because the kid is playin the new kanye west."

this my jam
tetons shit

Tuesday, May 22, 2018