Friday, March 1, 2019

nycstillexists (acoustic mixtape)

wrote these songs while living , illegally, in a vacant 1970's rent control manhattan railroad apartment with an empty fridge for $400 a month this winter. recorded them into my friend jennies tape recorder the day before i got thrown out

Monday, February 25, 2019

pissing ppl off everywhere i go (lovingly)

outside of the urban underdogs favorite coffee shop on st. marks pl in east village.
grace gets free drinks there
guess she cool or something
im just a jerk with a wonky smile, somewhat loveable
we skated to chinatown
rip will
new york isnt the same without you

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

found a typewriter in the trash

the girl i moved to new york city for said only white people use typewriters. she never considered me white.i guess that makes this is a prominent event.

                                             [went back n forth between painting n writing]

Monday, January 28, 2019


prince vince

feel like coming from rochester/buffalo- we didnt have many creative successes to account for. in highschool eminems dj (green lantern) was from rochester and i had classes n smoked weed with his cousin, ani difranco was always a badass who i thought was weird when my sister was into her but came to admire once i started playing guitar and surviving as an independent musician, and then theres vincent gallo...
dont remember how i heard about buffalo 66 - but it changed everything
it made me proud to be an emotionally wounded, weirdo, raised on the buffalo bills losing.
and it was a piece of artistic genius,even if its kinda boring sometimes, but its beautiful, and it was made by someone from upstate- it only could have been.
i remember when we were living in "the kompound" in rochester
a flop house of sorts,in the best way possible,that was spearheaded by kolacki and funded by bathsalts,that threw the best parties in the city.
we threw an art show in the attic- we completely transformed the place and put in so much didnt get the turnout as our drug/alchol induced ragers but it was beautiful
i remember the new york city girl who said-"this is so amazing,im so sad more people arent here to appreciate it"
maybe that made it more beautiful
and the cherry on top was at the end of the night - g dreis said "this is amazing-you even have buffalo 66 showing on repeat"
its was my homage to our forefather
buffalo 66 showing silently over seeing his rag tag offspring doing their thing.

i hear all sort of people saying shit about vincent- mostly bad- or that they used to have a big crush on him- and it always makes me so proud to have a buffalo bills beanie on and im no longer embarassed i was raised by an emotionally deficient father who loved his losing team.
but i came across this essay and i think its fucking great
alot of shit is spot on, i feel, especially in the climate of today where this politically correct bullshit ostrasizes anyone who holds an unpopular opinion-YOU CAN,AND SHOULD, HAVE DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT VIEWS ON SHIT AND STILL BE FRIENDS.


Tuesday, January 15, 2019