Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

accept yourself tape out now.

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while traveling for the last few years, living/learning/writing songs/fucking up/getting it right - had a constant reoccurring dream/vision to find a non residential studio space that i could record music in, throw some sort of sleeping surface in, and ideally not pay much rent. this past end of winter i was on the streets of new york city and while i was at the library in greenwich village on 6th ave looking at greyhound tickets to detroit to try and rebound from a heartbreak i got a message from matthew corey( a kindred spirit who had also been on the hunt for a studio) that he found the building we had been looking for and i should come get a studio- after i told him about my love life and how i was gonna go out to the D to see a girl he pretty much insisted that i get to rochester ASAP and jump on this studio- which i did. after coming back to the roc and hustling my ass off playing cello at the lilac festival for tips i secured a cavernous rustbelt industrial loft to make things happen in.yada yada yada/(didnt rebound proceeded to be damn near ,unintentionally, celibate for bout 6 months). eventually hunted down a 4 track cassette recorder ironically about this: ive loved tapes since i was a kid and they make me feel something and recording with them is a pleasure but a big reason i was insistent on using a 4 track was when i saw attic abasement mike recording the song "werewolf" forever ago - i was certain i saw him using the tascam portastudio in the back bedroom turned studio in the meigs st hipster house- and this memory always stuck with me- so when it came time to record i wanted to follow in the footsteps of one of my favorite artists and it took forever to find a affordable 4 track that didnt sound like shit (my previous one was broken from backpacking with it)-so i do this-record an album-and i get Mike to play the release show for this tape (dream come true) and i ask him about dancing is depressing and his 4 track and he tells me "oh-i did that on a digital multitrack recorder) (lol)
but yea just poured alot into this tape
cried during recording or after listening to playback of every song on here
there are tones of hopelessness and heartache but i always tried not to let it drown in melancholie and see the hope in nature etc
dont really know what else to say
hope u get the chance to dig it
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Monday, March 19, 2018

free my dude tho

youngbol locked up in japanese prision
god damn
free me dude
/hmu if u kno about law in japan

the one and only

bind (bihnd)- [verb] to tear it up voraciously with a zest for life (see binder[noun])

Thursday, March 1, 2018

"i dont wanna ask your father or anything"

"this foggy line
this misty morning
this railroad sign
keeps me falling
i sleep outside
even if it's raining
it's a sign
i'm leaving in the morning

i don't wanna talk, you lost me yet again
somebody left all mighty, my god friend
reptile mind, the good thrilled parted game
i don't wanna ask your father or anything"

(he lost me a little sonically at the crazy chorus- but as always beautiful lyrics and an interesting wave
reminds me of today)

tape leak

(from the new accept yourself tape)