Saturday, May 18, 2019

the tape is now , fully , digital...

now my unsupportive ex lovers can listen at their leisure without buying the tape

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

some pictures from nyc

my favorite building in new york, I wouldn't expect you to understand

there's legends in this picture but i'l never say their names

yeah that's a van, yeah that's soho, who slept in the back you may ask? does he? did he?

met this dude in portland maine and we chilled by the tracks for like a week. I broke my Obama phone because I was paranoid so I fell out of touch. then years later I went to the hop out in portland Oregon and there was some bumb sleepin under a bridge, then I say the dog and I yelled "LINDYYY!!!" and it was them.bout another year later I saw him at a grocery store in Rochester. this picture was takin at Washington square park in new York and its the first time we ever orchestrated meeting up ourselves.lindy is doing really well, I think she enjoys living out of a van, but hed argue that to death. his name is traincore brian

innocence. tafais first time in nyc, this was takin within 10 minutes of him hitchin into the city, he was so confused, but he hit his stride n loved it.

atticus' apartment was like seinfeld

                                                   savannah and the air mattress
double exposure of inside and outside jennie's apartment in bed stuy, where she let me stay for 3 weeks, it was great
got the best sleep in forever on the sidewalk on 11th street in the village.there was a lurking rat. and can u catch bedbugs off the concrete? cuz ive been itching since

like writing poems the best

realized writing poems is prolly my favorite thing out here. was chillin with my pc Detroit friend elle when she was in nyc n we went to this feminist etc book store and there was a zine section.the coffee was only a dollar and really good, mostly been drinkin tea though. but I didn't really like any of the zines. but it made me long for a time long ago when I was always makin zines, now I wanna make one, but irealized most my zine stuff I post here. I don't fucking know. I like trees. buti like paper more than digital.havent updated this in a while but I missed you.

feeling in this heart
in this mind
dollars off that grind
I don't wanna
all the time
bar codes
are fading
the sewers of new york
are yearning
for something less
i'm so impressed
i digest
affordable poision
endure the noise
hoarde my toys
whores the boys
lord of the pies
dollar slices
the line between
rats and mice's
isnt priceless.
organic vegetables
over rice
fear constricts me
from the light
the image forming device,
meditation Zamboni
gathering cobwebs
with intricate designs
beyond the mind
to natures spine
im crying
and want to die
but im doing fine///

[near st marks place nyc, boy or girl?]

judge a book by its cover
yea i still hate name brands
so what if i left the muji tag on
i kinda like them
n they have the best recycled notebooks for cheap af
shout out to japan

Friday, March 1, 2019

nycstillexists (acoustic mixtape)

wrote these songs while living , illegally, in a vacant 1970's rent control manhattan railroad apartment with an empty fridge for $400 a month this winter. recorded them into my friend jennies tape recorder the day before i got thrown out