Thursday, October 12, 2017

lined notebook

one time this girl in savannah liked savannah(k9) and felt bad, or somethin, it was winter and we were sleepin outside so she let us stay with her. id been tearin thru notebooks hangin round coffee shops and filled up my last one and I told her and she gave me this one- I kinda scoffed at it because it was lined paper etc but I ended up not being a notebook yuppie and used it and its got some of my fav stuff-I pretty sure I did most of it left handed cuz my right wrist was bummed at the time

saylavee yourself zine/cd (repress)

just pressed up a few more of these. its a full color zine of art,words, n randoms that was made concurrently with the cd "saylavee yourself" a rap/shoegaze combo album that was written while living in the lower east side projects during a magical and melancholic winter. 1

the brothers karamazov- PART FOUR - book 11(IVAN) : chapter 3 "A Little Demon"


concrete Kodak red carpet homecoming

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

love everything about this

(so theres a couple stories that will intertwine)
i'd been seein this dude skate around downtown and have been so damn intrigued- the way he skates -just in and out of traffic- reminds me of how i learned in new york city- and poppin lil ollies- i was like i love this dude -his style is so smooth , what i like about skateboarding, not all this broish no fun just try insane things and be arrogant and dont have fun.  i started thinkin about where he came from i guessed he was like 22.
on another line-
i've been runnin into this one dude and his family when im out playing- they get it- they stop and sit down and listen- sometimes for an hour sometimes for a song-they show love- and often ask "i dont get why all these people are walking past you". one day his son had his board with him and it was a OG nyc company- 5 boro. and we started talking bout skatin. n me and his dad had a broment and i was like yo dude u wanna trade numbers n skate sometime. so we end up meetin up and skatin n playin music n whatever -i start talkin bout this smooth ass asian dude i been seein skate around and it turns out thats his lifelong homie that he's been skating with since the year i was born and that he had spent about a decade in nyc living and cruisin the streets of chinatown- concuring my premonitions about his style.
that means vick-smooth downtown skater- is something like 45.
moral of the story- skating keeps you young.
this is a combined part they made spanning since the dawn of skating in rochester.
and the song is so dope- i tried listening to it by itself but its better with the skating.
(click on it-my blog setup is cutting off the sides of youtube vids n i dont really feel like figuring out computer shit)

growth of love- team rugged glory

the first pic was taken by a guy when i first got savannah at one of her first times out busking with me- at the fringe fest 5 years ago. the other week a guy came up to me- i remembered him- havent seen him in 5 years and he told me about it- and he sent it to me- and he took the 2nd pciture this year- 5 years later- while out busking at the fringe festival. eyes water

mumblecore melancholic fridge

ive been wanting to take a picture of this fridge situation for a while but no camera- and gillian opened my fridge and saw in it what i see in it and took a picture