Saturday, January 13, 2018

live on new york city radio

 i only do interviews with people who let me n my dog sleep on their couch when i was homeless.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

young bols, OG's, & vagrancy

i met tafai (SOE)
while i was busking on east ave in rochester during jazz fest
he was intently watching while i played freight train
i immediatley liked him
then he told me he too wanted to busk and i completley put walls up and was not at all interested in encouraging him, as i was already dealing with about 10 new teenagers with modern baseball tshirts and vans playing vance joy songs on ukelaylee  b/c they thought busking would be a fun thing to try out
meanwhile i was tryin to hustle up skratch to hold down my first place i'd had keys to in years.
but i ended up runnin back into him on the coffee shop curb scene
and he ended movin into the bohemian non residential downtown building with a cool landlord that matthew corey and me were turning into an art collective.
soe ended up in a windowless room, working restaurant jobs, playing mean guitar, singing with an uncertain voice, depressed, talking about suicide, worshipping his idols that died young, and diving back into a nasty drug habit.
one night he came into my room talking suicide- and i was like dude hit the fucking road
he'd always wanted to- but he'd been shut down by psuedo friends who we're trapped in their own fear to live and told him he'd get killed b/c he was black.
well he made it to cali- came back with a spirited voice
and is bout to drop an album hes recording in the storage closet he's living out of.
and im honored to be featured on this track called "leaving/vagrancy laws"


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

dream chasers

alotta people throw shade or kinda scoff when i talk about fuckin with meek mill. but this dude been such an inspiration on me to stay with my grind and not give up my dreams. i know not all his bars/songs are on point, but i boil it down to this dude bein the buffalo bills of the rap game- everyone told him he couldnt do it n he still came up, then when he came up everyone said fake ass drake (thanks to his marketing $) whooped his ass in a battle after he called him out for not writin his raps, than he still bounced back and had everyone in the hood (at least in rochester) bumpin his dream chasers and wins and loses tapes, then dude gets locked back up for some bullshit parole violation. but i already know its facts he's gonna bounce back. meanwhile ima be out here grindin- makin music, puttin up posters, promotin tapes n stayin focused with his music in the back of my mind. salute.

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Monday, December 18, 2017

show with heroes & homies

this saturday, dream come true-opening for attic abasement-the rochester legend-acoustic candlelit set. along with  bushido garvey. lil g. and simone. ill be releasing dream come true tape-the untangling. come.