Wednesday, November 19, 2014

welcome back to life.

while i'm not sure the effect of this website on the world, i know personally it's been cool to put various work up here and reflect on it is weird and locked me out, but i regained access and hope to post some new work are some new urban haikus that have been coming thru this detroit refugee.. (photo by the ever inspiration detroit comrad- sir fawn- during his recent travels in japan)

                                        snow falling
                                               pitbull resting
                                                           it is perfect.
                                             by the nature of things,
                                                        it will have to change.

                                                          this brain,
                                                    running wild with aspirations.
                                                             the tea steeps.

                                                         a heart in turmoil
                                                          a brain divided
                                                       unity in the universe?
                                                                         am i getting in the way?
                                                                       is my own responsibility///



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