Sunday, June 19, 2011

bodega, young

dont need any validation young man
especially from a city built on manmade hardness
cigarrettes and a james dean impersonator singing elvis at retirement facilities
the palm tree grew out of and will return to a plastic landfill
and all you hope is that bodega will have cliff bars/bananas/ebt
you could drive a truck thru manhatten
but you have a habit of greyhounds
not needing therapy
just some awareness
falling into the same well
that you threw all your pennies into
on the phone calling something that no longer exists
hey kid
smile a little bit
you werent baptized
but they hold you under the water
shower and get a job
or be that guy on the corner
looking at the street urchins
crusty talking to themselves
and i thought i was different cuz the words i was saying were rhyming

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