Sunday, November 13, 2011

sitting somewhere in america and drawing a picture

aka bhagwanshree rajneesh
got this book and a robert johnson photograph which i went on to send to bobby in portland in eugene or
i talked the guy down on price..easy negotiatin with ny attitude anywhere else
5 bucks
drew this picture in southern oregon at long lost relatives house during extended stay while busking at farmers markets,fixing the dream boat at silver bullet auto, eating wild blackberries, chasing charlie the cat, eating daves killer bread(best bread ever), going to tractor races, amongst other things
the house i was staying at had a nice table
fred made a comment about it coming from the rajneeshes
i said woh woh wohh
and i had been dining and playing some dice game on a table that came from oshos commune in oregon that was auctioned off after osho was extidited
i'd been working on this drawing unknowingly

raekwon the chef lookin fly
a friend in stlouis has a dog named raekwon
i think its the best dog name
the dog was really cool too
i was tempted/threatened to steal it from her
prolly for the best i didnt

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