Friday, August 4, 2017


rest in peace to the boy ID. this is one of my favorite rap songs. he was incredibly vulnerable on this track which was sort of rare given that he was known for his cocky battle rap persona. the vibe could be seen as negative here but i find it beautiful and incredibly insightful. He seemed to objectively  explore both sides of his split personality. He ended up dying of an overdose so this could be seen as foreshadowing and cautionary tale to all you kids addicted to weed thinkin its innocent.
But all that aside-much love dude, wherever your energy may be.
 the cherry on top of or the angry dog in the basement of this track is that WOODY, one of my childhood hero's and first cat i knew who made beats and was the first down whiteboy i ever met, absolutely killed this beat.
 bump this one n if you feel it tap his name on a wall or some shit and remember that life is fleeting.

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