Friday, October 28, 2016

lofi album recorded in a cave

wasn't sure this album would ever see the light of day (pun intended)
a few years back was living out of a broken van in the hollywood hills and discovered a cave while exploring with a k9 companion.
spent the whole winter in LA, partly due to someone associated with a major record label "leading me on"
after they decided they couldnt squeeze any radio hits out of me, and i decided fuck that game
given that some of my favorite recordings are shitty lofi tape recordings from the fields down south i figured i'd cut my own album on my own terms in a cave.
here it is. folk, rap, and classical indian influence. striving towards truth. have no intentions of uploading audio to internet, for now is only available on cd, with custom hand drawn artwork. keep your speakers lofi and support your ramblin musician guy at the same time. one love

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