Monday, September 30, 2013

Say La Vee

Say La Vee is a reflection of the present run through a filter of where we have been. A roots and soul music project that tips its hat to the blues & folk tradition, withouth being overly nostalgic to the seed the plant came from. Cultivated in jazz and watered with mysticism in knowing that some things can't be planned and that there is magic in the moment. Able to converse with the poets in complex rhyme patterns that aren't ashamed that they came of age in the hip hop generation. 
Thats life///This is Say La Vee

"Though I don't get to see him much, and we've never spent and extended amount of time together, E Moore "(of Say La Vee) "is by far one of my favorite artists and musicians from that area" (rochester, New York)"
-Act Live Music
"One of the realest dudes doin it"

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