Monday, August 20, 2012

attic abasement-rochester lofi pop?

have been lookin out for this dude since i heard him record the song warewolf at at hipster house in the roc a many moons ago caught a few shows and most recently picked up this cd from him at a house show the other night very genuine stuff mike does a great job of balancing humor and seriousness bouncing back and forth from line to line isnt scared to step outside the norm which often has mixed results but i say that with a grain of salt as i have been playin the cd constantly... check it out and maybe support your local musically dreamer by buuyin the download or orderin a cd or tape... and in addition the one and only bawbee did the artwork!a great friend , advice giver, favorite person i run into all over this country, and most importantly ARTIST..we met i believe as "mites"(mite is a term for a hockey league for like 7 year olds) and have been lucky to stay in touch with such an interesting spirit..check him out as well... onelove

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